I’m an educated, religious, liberal, southern boy. (Yes, we do exist.) Writing is something that I stumbled into one day when I just needed to put into words an experience that overwhelmed me so that I could try to make sense of it. The act of putting those words on the computer screen was unbelievably cathartic, so I kept writing about whatever popped into my head. Then, one day I found my voice, at least for now.


I have a disease called Facioscapulohumeral Dystrophy, which is one of the many recognized forms of muscular dystrophy, and it’s been something that has steered and molded the form and path my life has taken and will take in the future. This blog is a tool to share my story and battles with my disability.  Ultimately, I want to let others with my disability or another physical hindrance know they aren’t alone and that there is somebody else going through struggles too. I feel narcissistic saying that I want my writings to be inspirational, but if that’s the reaction readers get, then so be it.

While the theme may be focused on my disability, my focus wanders from time to time and I share fond memories, my thoughts on sports (mostly concerning my college alma mater), a tiny smattering of politics and current events, and a recipe or tw0.


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