White sugar sand,

Arched coconut palms,

Gin clear water,

Waves keeping time as steady as a metronome.



Watered-down, fruity rum drink,

Straw hat and sunglasses,

Faint hints of smoke from redfish on the grill somewhere down the shore,

Sea breeze,

Salt air.


Chaco tan,

$5 million sport fishers returning with 6 drunk guys from Des Moines and the day’s haul,beach-gull

A cheap radio playing my “Good stuff” playlist on shuffle,

Sunscreen and longnecks sharing the cooler,

One footed gull patrolling for a dropped french fry.



Wife napping one hammock over,


Drone of diesel engines from a shrimper dragging its nets,

Pod of dolphins meandering, coming up
for a breath,

Sun setting on the watery horizon.



What day is it?

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