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Just a covid observation…

I’ve heard quite a few people say they won’t live their lives in fear in regards to wearing a mask and social distancing to prevent the spread of covid. Yet, they won’t go anywhere outside the house without a pistol strapped somewhere on their bodies.

What’s the problem?

This year, Mississippi is voting on a constitutional initiative to legalize medical marijuana. It seems like there’s been a different initiative on every ballot for the last 10 years, and I have a few issues with it. Until 2009, there were 27 proposed initiatives, and since then there have been 45 more. Mississippians are slinging them around like hash at the Waffle House on … Read More What’s the problem?

Oh, the stories he could tell…

One year ago today, I got a text that said, “Have you heard?” It was about 7:00 on Sunday morning, and I hadn’t heard anything. I’d just gotten out of the shower and was about to eat breakfast. I hadn’t even started perusing Facebook yet. So, I responded, “No. What’s up?” The message I got back was one I never expected. “Chuck died early … Read More Oh, the stories he could tell…

Shade tree

Twenty feet away, it was hotter than Satan’s armpit, but under that pecan tree, it was a different world.


There’s a lot going on in my state, the US, and the world right now, and there’s a lot of conflict. There’s Covid and whether it’s real, if things should be closed or reopened, if masks are really necessary, police brutality, support for police, systemic racism, black lives matter, all lives matter, blue lives matter, biscuits vs. cornbread vs. yeast rolls vs. split top … Read More Timing

Miss X

Miss X was a boss I had for a few months about a dozen years ago. She was a political hire, one of those friends of the family or donor’s kids type hire that wasn’t rooted in solid qualifications or experience. But I liked her for the most part, because she was nice and fairly personable. The job she was given was way outside … Read More Miss X

Thanksgiving haiku

I ate way too much My pants will barely button Please pass the Rolaids

Thanksgiving dinner laws

In light of the upcoming holiday for gluttony and good deals, I thought I’d give y’all a few tips for preparing and executing the perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

It’s my America too

This week, we celebrate Independence Day here in the good ol US of A, because 243 years ago from this Thursday, a bunch of radical colonials decided they were tired of living under the tyrannical rule of England’s King George and declared enough was enough. They told George they were tired of his taxes and lack of voice in Parliament, and after a few … Read More It’s my America too

2 cats are worse than 1

I hate cats. Growing up, I had dogs. Dogs are great. They love you and act like they love you. You can play games with dogs and teach them cool tricks. The only time my dogs ever bit me, they were puppies and just playing. Dogs can be helpful, too.

Dog tired

When I was in my early teens, my grandparents were given a blue heeler (Australian cattle dog). He was a medium sized dog with a scruffy salt and pepper coat, and I thought he looked like he should be owned by a homeless person. He wasn’t anything you’d see and want to cuddle with.

I was the ballast and the hydration distribution engineer

I graduated from Brandon High School on the afternoon of Sunday, May 26, 1996, at the Jackson Municipal Auditorium. Once we all finished walking across the stage (with the exception of Mark who was on crutches after falling out of a tree while wearing a tutu a few nights before), I turned in my rented cap and gown and took pictures with my friends … Read More I was the ballast and the hydration distribution engineer