Good porches make good neighbors


When driving out of the neighborhood in Brandon the other morning, I noticed something about the houses. None of them had front porches large enough to serve any purpose other than keeping a visitor dry during a rain event while waiting on an occupant of the house to answer the door. The porches were certainly not large enough to relax or entertain guests on. That outdoor entertaining duty has been shifted to back porches and patios hidden from view by tall wood fences. Continue reading



My house in Vicksburg is for sale and I’ve got contractors going in and out refinishing, painting, fixing, sprucing, trimming, replacing, and cleaning everything I can think of and/or afford in hopes of making the house nicer than it ever was while I lived in it so that someone will walk in the door and beg me to let them pay me a trainload of money for it. Isn’t that a little depressing that I’m making my house nicer so that someone else can enjoy it? Continue reading

Narcos happened

I chatted Friday morning with a coworker who emigrated from Colombia about 20 years ago as a young adult. We were having just your regular old chit chat, nothing special, coworker-type conversation that many of you also had, I’m sure. Then, for some reason, I asked if she’d seen the Netflix series Narcos and if it was an accurate portrayal of what life was like in Bogota during the reign of Pablo Escobar and the warring drug cartels. Continue reading