Month: January 2017

Is the dream still just a dream?

Today, Mississippi celebrates Robert E. Lee/ Martin Luther King Jr. Day while most of the rest of the country omits the first name in the title of their holiday observances. But, Mississippi’s gonna Mississippi,

My seat

This past summer I was lucky to have been asked to go to Nashville for a few days to be a model for a photo shoot for the company that made my new chair and the seat cushion I use, Permobil and it’s subsidiary Roho. The request came about because I answered a Facebook advertisement asking for folks

The paradox of home

Preface- I couldn’t write this without coloring the topic with my perspective no matter how hard I tried. But, after a dozen attempts¬†to do so, I remembered that this blog is the view from my seat. It doesn’t have to be apolitical. As much as I am always going to try to be neutral on political issues, I won’t always achieve that goal, but … Read More The paradox of home

The first step toward civility

I’ve been working on a post for a couple weeks trying to explain Mississippi and what keeps me here, or what keeps me from running away as fast as I can. After writing, rewriting, editing, cutting, and starting over a dozen times,


Most years around this time, I am laughing under my breath at all the new year’s resolutions that are showing up in Facebook posts about weight loss or spending time with¬†family or some other worthwhile but tired promise that most likely will last about as long as a snowflake in Costa Rica. But, this year, I’m going to break with my tradition, join the … Read More Resolve