It was time to take a load off: I worked my way up to it


In the summer of 2002, while I was dealing with the issues involved in getting my Master’s diploma mailed to me, I was also looking for a job. Unlike my previous job searches as a high school kid looking for a way to buy hamburgers and movie tickets, this time I was packing two college degrees earned with pretty decent GPAs. I thought there would be tons of employers out there looking for a guy with my pedigree.

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Barbecue isn’t necessarily barbecue

There aren’t many cities, towns, or crossroads in the South that don’t have some sort of purveyor of smoked meats in one form or another selling their wares by the pound or in  three-compartment styrofoam boxes accompanied by sides of baked beans, cole slaw, and a grocery store roll. The range of establishments from which customers purchase their plates of pork range Continue reading

It was time to take a load off: College


By the time college rolled around in the fall of 1996, my muscular dystrophy had progressed to the point where getting up from a chair was difficult. I had to be aware of what material the soles of my shoes were made of and the type of flooring to be sure there was enough grip for me to do the awkward dance I had worked out to go from seated to standing. In order to stand up, I would spread my feet out as wide as I could to get my center of gravity as low as possible and form a steady base for the upcoming action. Then, I would rock Continue reading