Month: November 2016

A mighty pleasing view

It was cool on the back porch last night as we watched the most important football contest of the year. No matter how disappointing our season was, that game was a soothing salve for my sports soul.

The view from a cooler

Sometime in May 2008, I was lying in bed at about 10:30 pm on a weeknight just about to drift off to sleep when my land line rang. I looked over at my nightstand with a scowl, for the only times that phone rang it was either a telemarketer or someone at the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility placing a collect call to someone with a colorful, unintelligible name that didn’t live with me.

It was time to take a load off: High school

(…continued) On June 2, 1992, my family (movers) loaded up the truck (an 18 wheeler) and we moved from Louisville, where I spent my first 14 2/3 years on this planet, to our new home on Sagewood Dr. in Brandon. I remember driving down our long gravel driveway for the last time on that warm, late spring day. The sky was high and clear. … Read More It was time to take a load off: High school

It was time to take a load off: Birth – diagnosis

I played tee ball for the first time in the summer between 1st and 2nd  grade. The year was 1984, and I was on the worst team in the Louisville Parks and Recreation tee ball league. My memories of those early events are sparse and a bit foggy, but I’m almost 40, and that was over 32 years ago. I do remember having two young guys, probably … Read More It was time to take a load off: Birth – diagnosis

What’s this all about?

The other night, Jana and I were in the kitchen together. I was sitting at the bar fiddling with my phone while she put dishes into the dishwasher; tidying things before masterfully putting  together a tofu-centered supper that this rabid carnivore enjoyed more than an earthquake under my least favorite college’s campus. We were chatting aimlessly about our perspectives on the election results, the blistered bottom Bama … Read More What’s this all about?

What next?

Well, the election is finally over. Thankfully, Mrs. Clinton conceded gracefully, and we aren’t waiting on counties in south Florida to determine voters’ intent over hanging chads. The democratic process worked for us one more time. There have been protests that are protected by our 1st amendment rights of speech and assembly, but we haven’t had to deal with bloody coups or military uprisings like we … Read More What next?

Mississippi squirrels

One Saturday this past fall, I was sitting on my parents’ back porch watching college football with my dad. After an especially untimely interception thrown by our quarterback, I had to avert my attention from the disaster unfolding on the TV. So, I turned my back to the train wreck and lit a cigar hoping it would soothe my frustration with the game.

If life was like a Jimmy Buffett song

Hammock, White sugar sand, Arched coconut palms, Gin clear water, Waves keeping time as steady as a metronome.

Thoughts on the election

It’s almost over. Seven days from today, if the good Lord’s willing, and the creeks don’t rise, (but, Lord, we need a good rain) this election fustercluck will be nigh over. May it be decisive, and may we begin a process of healing and unifying.