High skies and calm seas

calm winds

August awoke, his head pounding, confused, like an aged amateur boxer struggling to figure out what day it was. He struggled to sit upright, fighting against the snarled cordage ensnaring him, and then, he paused for a moment, laying still as his senses came back online slowly, one after the other until the events from the night before became clearer. Continue reading

I should probably calm down first, but…

I am a pretty lucky guy when it comes to my job. I have a great job that I enjoy coming to on most days. I have pleasant, overly-competent people above me on the organizational ladder. The work I do isn’t usually stressful, and it challenges me from time to time to keep things interesting. I’ve gotten a ton of training on subjects that have helped me develop new skills and have made me a more valuable, more efficient employee. Continue reading