Month: March 2017

High skies and calm seas

August awoke, his head pounding, confused, like an aged amateur boxer struggling to figure out what day it was. He struggled to sit upright, fighting against the snarled cordage ensnaring him, and then, he paused for a moment, laying still as his senses came back online slowly, one after the other until the events from the night before became clearer.

I’m told somebody loves everybody

This morning, at the best church in a 250-mile radius, my super groovy priest, Father Chuck, announced my MDA event that’s coming up at the end of next month after so graciously offering to last week. (Humorous side note: He officiated my marriage and spilled the communion wine in his car on the way to the ceremony.)

I’m out!

Dub was toiling away in his cubicle at the company his father-in-law owned, processing raw material invoices when his wife’s father stopped in to see him. “Knock, Knock,” he said jokingly, vaguely mocking Dub’s doorless workstation.

Knives and nerds

It’s been a year or more since I became aware of a show on The History Channel called Forged in Fire. It aired a competition among 4 blacksmiths who were tasked with forging a knife of a certain type, from certain materials, in a specific amount of time.

Beware of shillelaghs today

Top o the mornin’ to ya, fellow Redbeards! Happy Irish Appreciation Day to you and all of the non-Irish dryshites who wish they were Irish!

Pasta makes the muscles grow

I was aware of Tom Ramsey long before I met him. He was the chef I’d heard good things about around town, and the guy that I watched win the premier episode of Guy’s Grocery Games on The Food Network. His list of professional accomplishments has since grown at an impressive clip.

A little late, but better late than never

Randy ducked out of the Capital through a service door and crouched behind some shrubs. It was dark now, and he was surveying the lawn and the few remaining cars parked in the loop around the building, searching for any remaining women intent on unburdening their feelings about him through a show of force.

I should probably calm down first, but…

I am a pretty lucky guy when it comes to my job. I have a great job that I enjoy coming to on most days. I have pleasant, overly-competent people above me on the organizational ladder. The work I do isn’t usually stressful, and it challenges me from time to time to keep things interesting. I’ve gotten a ton of training on subjects that have helped me … Read More I should probably calm down first, but…