Father Chuck

This morning, at the best church in a 250-mile radius, my super groovy priest, Father Chuck, announced my MDA event that’s coming up at the end of next month after so graciously offering to last week. (Humorous side note: He officiated my marriage and spilled the communion wine in his car on the way to the ceremony.)

Go to HERE in case you weren’t aware of the fundraiser.

His sermon thumped me on the ear sort of like my dad would do to me when I was little and was being disruptive in big church. He started off telling about little kids playing peek-a-boo and how when they are very young, when you put your hands over your face, they think you went away. It’s obviously preposterous to think that someone actually goes away when they put their hands in front of their face. It’s equally ridiculous to think that just because we don’t see God in the world and/ or people around us, he’s not there.

When Chuck said that everything around us was of God, I immediately thought, “Wait! What about people? I can think of quite a few that I’m sure have none God in them; even quite a few that self-identify as Christian.”

Then, the next words out of his mouth were something like, “…even people who you think have nothing good in them are still God’s children.”

I needed that reminder that even Donald Trump is one of God’s children, and I’m thankful for that because I’m sure that there are a few people that need to be reminded from time to time that even I’m a child of God.

So, Ole Miss fans… God loves you, and I guess that means I have to too.

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