Month: February 2017

Taking a walk

This year, I’m doing something that I’ve always absolutely loathed. I broke my anti-fundraising rule and have volunteered to raise funds for the annual Muscular Dystrophy Association Muscle Walk.

The white shirt

The Noyes House A few weeks ago, I asked one of my distant cousins, E.O. Lester, who has an exceptional knowledge of Vance family history, about an old house, always referred to by my grandparents  as the old Noyes house, 

I’m getting scared

Actually, I’ve been scared for a while, but the events compounding my fears seem to be piling up at breakneck speed. This morning, I woke to read where our Spray-Tan-in-Chief whipped out his Twitter machine and fired off a few tweets complaining about the investigation into alleged shady contact with the Russians by him and his posse.

Happy birthday, Gomer

  Today is my dad’s 67th birthday, marking the 2/3 point on the journey to 100 (if you round up). I’ve been around for the last 39 of his birthdays and have watched his hair go from brown to gray and from gray to gray and white.