I’m sitting on the porch enjoying my after dinner cigar, and it feels magically delicious out here today. You can still see the humidity, but the temperature is quite pleasant (as I sit in front of a turbo power industrial cage fan blowing hard enough to move the leaves on the tree across the yard.) The overall point is that, unlike yesterday, I’m outside, I’m clothed, and I’m not begging for the sweet relief of death.

Global warming is a tricky minx.

3 Comments on “Y’all ain’t gonna believe this.

  1. What are you smoking brother? I’m partial to Perdomos and Camacho


    • Honestly, I’m embarrassed to say. My favorite is an Ashton, but for economy’s sake. I bought a box of Victor Sinclair maduro Churchills because they were about $1 each. They aren’t terrible, but they’re not great either.


      • No shame there, I buy those factory seconds all the time from Cigars International. A good cheap cigar is like finding a hidden treasure

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