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I should probably calm down first, but…

I am a pretty lucky guy when it comes to my job. I have a great job that I enjoy coming to on most days. I have pleasant, overly-competent people above me on the organizational ladder. The work I do isn’t usually stressful, and it challenges me from time to time to keep things interesting. I’ve gotten a ton of training on subjects that have helped me … Read More I should probably calm down first, but…

The view from a cooler

Sometime in May 2008, I was lying in bed at about 10:30 pm on a weeknight just about to drift off to sleep when my land line rang. I looked over at my nightstand with a scowl, for the only times that phone rang it was either a telemarketer or someone at the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility placing a collect call to someone with a colorful, unintelligible name that didn’t live with me.

Mississippi squirrels

One Saturday this past fall, I was sitting on my parents’ back porch watching college football with my dad. After an especially untimely interception thrown by our quarterback, I had to avert my attention from the disaster unfolding on the TV. So, I turned my back to the train wreck and lit a cigar hoping it would soothe my frustration with the game.

Old path, new view

As I drove to the farm yesterday afternoon, it hit me that I haven’t been here since January. That ten month period is the longest absence I’ve had in all my life. As I passed through Forest, I noticed that the town has changed. Stores that had been there for years have gone out of business. The Taco Bell was even closed. Highway 35 … Read More Old path, new view